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A HUB certified minority business headquartered in Austin, Texas, Radiant RFID was founded in 2004 at a time when passive and active RFID were used mainly to track packages and pallets in corporate supply chains. Although RFID solutions have been deployed since the 1970s, the usages of this technology are recently expanding, and Radiant is one of the driving forces behind this advancement. At our research and development facility, we use passive RFID technology to implement cutting-edge solutions that automate asset tracking and management in a wide variety of situations.


At Radiant RFID, we keep track of our clients’ most valuable and dynamic assets. For educational facilities or large events, this may be people. For large corporations, law enforcement, educational institutions, and government organizations, they are often complex technology systems ranging from data centers to specialty equipment. In general, our specialties include asset tracking, evacuation and emergency management, employee mustering and evacuation, and RFID wristbands and tags.


As one of the fastest growing RFID companies in the industry, more organizations trust Radiant RFID with what matters most. Radiant’s high performance technology solutions, coupled with world-class, U.S.-based service and support, keep tabs on your assets so you can focus on everything else.


To put it simply, our innovative solutions answer the question, "Where is that?"

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Radiant’s products are available on GSA under contract number GS-35F-0386V and through Texas DIR - Contract TSO-3383.


Leadership at Radiant

Radiant RFID was founded by partners with engineering and software backgrounds, and with a shared passion for solving problems and truly helping people.

Cynthia Rubio | President and CEO


Mrs. Rubio’s broad experience in the engineering field includes mechanical design, data analysis, test development, operational method improvements and technical report writing. Prior to co-founding Radiant RFID in 2004, Mrs. Rubio worked in Technical Support for Trilogy Software in Austin, Texas. Prior to Trilogy, she worked as an Engineer for Ford Motor Company to manage test projects and support engineering teams of over 100 engineers. During her career with Ford, Mrs. Rubio was recognized for her work in methods development with the prestigious Customer Driven Quality Award.

Mrs. Rubio earned her Master’s of Science degree from Wayne State University, specializing in Dynamics and Control Systems. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University.

Learn more about how Mrs. Rubio founded Radiant RFID by reading the Reader's Digest article, How Cynthia Rubio Turned an Idea into a Million Dollar Business.

Kenneth Ratton | CFO


Before co-founding Radiant RFID in 2004, Mr. Ratton was Program Director at Trilogy Software, where he managed all aspects of financial reporting and contracts for Trilogy’s largest client, Ford Motor Company. Mr. Ratton also built Trilogy’s consulting team while off-shoring software development. Prior to Trilogy, Mr. Ratton founded NAC Engineering and served as a Project Manager at Ford Motor Company.

Mr. Ratton received his Master’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wayne State University. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Stephan Schwarze | Chief Technology Officer


Before co-founding Radiant in 2004, Mr. Schwarze served as Consulting Team Manager and Business Unit Manager of the Professional Services Division at Trilogy Software. He was a key contributor to growing Trilogy’s Consulting organization from less than 40 to over 400 employees and improving the Trilogy’s financial margins to leading industry standards.

Mr. Schwarze received his Doctorate degree at the Center of Enterprise Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETZ Zürich). In his doctorate thesis, he proposed an innovative approach to integrate vague and incomplete knowledge into the process of product configuration. As a native of Gottingen, Germany, he graduated with a Masters degree in Computer Sciences at the Technical University of Karlsruhe (Germany).


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Radiant has extensive experience deploying and supporting our RFID solutions via fully hosted SaaS or enterprise activations, typically starting at 25,000+ assets. As a leader among RFID companies, our customers manage $10B in assets daily.

Mobile RFID

Our flagship products for Asset Tracking, Emergency Management, Employee Evacuation, and Asset Protection also feature companion mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.


Radiant customers receive world-class, 100% U.S.-based support and training from our team of dedicated RFID Specialists, including real-time, interactive technical support.

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Radiant RFID is a State of Texas Directory of Information Resources (DIR) vendor. We are also an approved vendor for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Existing customers can locate pricing and more information on our Customer Store (requires login).

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop reliable, innovative and intuitive RFID solutions that assist private and public organizations to operate profitably and sustainably.  As a leader among RFID companies, we provide a focused, consultative and strategic approach to systems integration.


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