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Enterprise Asset Tracking for Corporations

Radiant RFID's scalable Virtual Asset Tracker solution enables large organizations to enhance asset visibility, reduce costs, and improve location accuracy. From data centers to oil and gas, healthcare to industrial environments, VAT answers the "Where is that..." question with ease.

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Employee Safety & Accountability

Radiant’s Employee Mustering solution addresses critical safety needs for employees, visitors and contractors. It delivers accurate, real-time reporting of your employees' and guests’ locations during an evacuation without requiring badge swipes or manual checklists.

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Technology Solutions for Public Agencies

Public safety institutions better prepare for and respond to emergency events utilizing our award-winning All Hazard Response Network, while our asset tracking solution enhances multi-department visibility for capital and controlled assets.

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Learn Why Symantec Corp. Chose Virtual Asset Tracker (VAT) for Corporate Data Centers


After a comprehensive qualification process, Symantec Corp. selected Radiant RFID to implement Virtual Asset Tracker (VAT), a passive-based RFID asset tracking solution, in three of the company’s data centers. Radiant was selected based on the RFID company’s record of success in data center environments.


Like many of Radiant’s customers, Symantec required a solution that enables users to quickly and reliably manage physical locations of the company’s data center assets. VAT not only handles the “where is my…” question with speed, reliability, and ease, but managers and chief financial officers are able to successfully respond to audits and improve overall asset tracking accuracy and efficiency.

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Radiant Platform Video Video: Radiant RFID's Software Platform   Did you know Radiant's platform extends beyond RFID? Our customers use RFID technolgies and others, such as GPS and Bluetooth Low Energy, to keep track of a wide variety of assets - from valves and pipes to servers and IT devices to vehicles and rig components! Learn more about Radiant RFID's software platform in this brief overview video.     More detail
A Platform that Scales with Solutions that Deliver - Infographic A Platform that Scales with Solutions that Deliver - Infographic A Platform that Scales with Solutions that Deliver - Infographic   "Behind the scenes" of Radiant's web portal and business applications lies the Radiant Platform, a multi-faceted software engine that determines what and how data is delivered to customers. It turns raw data into business intelligence.   Because many customers use a combination of technologies to gain insight into different types of assets,... More detail


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Radiant has extensive experience deploying and supporting our RFID solutions via fully hosted SaaS or enterprise activations, typically starting at 25,000+ assets. As a leader among RFID companies, our customers manage $10B in assets daily.

Mobile RFID

Our flagship products for Asset Tracking, Emergency Management, Employee Evacuation, and Asset Protection also feature companion mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.


Radiant customers receive world-class, 100% U.S.-based support and training from our team of dedicated RFID Specialists, including real-time, interactive technical support.

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Radiant RFID is a State of Texas Directory of Information Resources (DIR) vendor. We are also an approved vendor for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Existing customers can locate pricing and more information on our Customer Store (requires login).

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop reliable, innovative and intuitive RFID solutions that assist private and public organizations to operate profitably and sustainably.  As a leader among RFID companies, we provide a focused, consultative and strategic approach to systems integration.


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